We Are Queens, We are Crown!


For the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Crown was celebrating the women across our world-wide operations. Check out our video!

Promoting a Healthy Work-Life Balance for Women #WeAreQueensWeAreCrown


At Crown, we promote a healthy work-life balance for all our employees.  Listen to several inspiring women from our global team talk about how working in the Company has enriched their lives and helped them thrive due to more flexibility, dual career options, time for outside activities and with family and much more.

Supporting Women in Science #WeAreQueens,WeAreCrown


At Crown, we do not see gender as a barrier to entry for those with ambitions in Manufacturing. We only see talent, potential and aspirations. One of our missions is to encourage more women with a background in engineering to consider a career with Crown. We believe that having gender-balanced teams within all our engineering departments is the secret to successful initiatives, projects and business. Listen to the inspiring stories in the video below. It highlights the experiences of women in the Company, as well as the support and constant encouragement they receive for their ideas, initiatives, and professional growth. Join us on the Crown adventure!